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The Martin Legacy 1.1


Okay here it goes, 1.1! Yeah.......
Sorry if this one seems weirder or more boring than usual. I have an AWFUL migraine
and it's all I can take to even look at the screen right now. I'm also kind of regretting this because
my first draft got deleted. =( I actually thought it was kind of funny....
Anyway last time:
-We met Candice Martin -Had lots of fun crazy times
-Candice fell in love with Gage Briody -They got married on the beach.

We start off with this charmer. Xander started a fight with everyone at the wedding.
To bad for him almost everyone there was a coworker. =/

Hello there Ms. McIrish, Aren't you very zombie looking today?
Fiona: Om nom nom Brain sammich.
......You have fun there dear.

They are so fricken' cute together.
They just stood there staring into each others eyes and giggling for over an hour. <3

Candice: How about me and you head to bed if you catch my drift? ;D

Gage: Well Honey....... y'know I just moved in and I haven't even seen the whole house yet....
Candice: You are so cute when you think you can deny me.

Here is Gage's stats. He also wants to reach the top of the science career. =)

Gage: Oooh! It sparkles! =O

Gage: Eeeeee!!!!!!!! I'm married! YAY! =DDDD

Gage: This marriage is going to kill me isn't it?
Most likely. But you'll have tons of fun!

He wasn't tired yet so Gage snuck out to take advantage of the local fruit.
........There has to be some rule about this. O.o

Awww, he caught.....a.....night butterfly? Lunesta will be proud. =/

He has a passion for gardening. Which works very well for his career!

Candice discovered the easel that was always in her house.... And Guess what? She's PA-REGNANT! =D

Candice: This painting signifies my inner demons drowning in a sea of my own tears.
I shall call it blue underwater fish thing!

Candice: Noooo..... I didn't just steal my own painting...... Pshh what are you talking about?


Since there was a baby on the way I updated the house.
And I barely cheated! =D

Candice: I picked a bad day to wear white...... OOOH LADYBUGS! =D

Candice is good with pipes. ;D

Awww Frugal Sims and their abilities to turn all of the lights in a room into clap ons.

=( I want that.

I bought him a computer. He looks happy huh?
I know I'll regret this though. D=

Gage: Honey! Your stomach... It's so squishy. And OW! What was that?!?!?!

Candice: Oh wow I'm not sure how to say this.....

Candice: We're gonna need to get your old Teddy bear out of storage Honey!
Gage: Oooh, Really?

Gage: I'm so happy for you! I really love that guy. I'm glad you got over your argument.
Candice: Yeah.......

Gage: Wait you mean Mr. Snuggle bear is going to have a new friend?!?!
Candice: Now you're getting it.....

Candice: The Government!
Gage: The Government?
Candice: Yes! The Government! The Government is hiding the secret to Immortality in
books the size of my thumb!
Gage: Your Thumb?!?!
Candice: MY THUMB!!

Candice: And they think we'll never find out! THEY THINK WE DON'T KNOW IT'S POSSIBLE!!
But I will rip apart every book store until I find one!
Hey..... Can I borrow your magnifying glass?

Candice: Huh..... So this is what labor is like. It's actually not that bad.


Candice: I thought Big Bird brought the baby to me. =/
Now I'll never meet him....


Candice: Huh, I wonder why she doesn't like trees......
Anyway meet Lissa Martin.

Candice serenades her new baby girl while Gage inspects her tummy.
Lissa: *Stares all creepy like at the camera*

This is how they spend their evenings. She paints and he.....
Finds out strange men on the internet are single.
Gage: *Waggles eyebrows*

She's Pregnant again! Let's crank those babies out.

Candice: Oh! I am pregnant. I wonder how that happened.

Nothing happened at all, so here is a cute cuddle pic while I hurry things along....


Candice: Much....guh....better. Ugh... D=

Candice: Oh! This is very nice.
I'm so happy I decided to go for a home birth.

Candice: Awww look at the little guy.....

Candice: K. Bored now.
This is Dimitri Martin. HA! I have a naming theme for this gen and I didn't even realize
what I was doing until after he grew into a toddler! How great is this kid? <3

Gage slept through the whole thing. How supportive.

Candice: What if he doesn't love me anymore?
What did I do wrong? =(

One day Gage didn't come home. Candice expected the worst, I however investigated.
He had fallen asleep on a bench a little bit outside of his work.
Two babies can be very tiring.

Candice wanted to paint a portrait of her beloved.
Maybe then he would pay attention to her.....

Isn't she great? uhh.......yeah......

FINALLY, nit was time for Lissa's birthday.
Babies suck. D=
At least toddlers are entertaining.

Lissa: *in head* What is everyone looking at......
Lissa has Gage's hair and Candice's eyes.
She is Good and easily impressed.

Lissa: omnomnom so nummy.

Lissa: I SEEE you muse-sic stik!

Holy crap it's Clark Sauer! Even though he's in everyone's game
He'll always be from the Denali legacy to me.
He came to fix our sink.
Woot nymph_16  XD

Gage: Daddy needs to get a promotion

Gage: Or your mommy will leave and break daddy's heart!
Daddy doesn't know what to do!!

Lissa: I fwink daddy needs ta go ta seep.
Gage: You might be right sweetie....

Lissa: Buh-ut now I-Ime TIRE-ERD. D'=<

These two are still going strong. They flirt every chance they get.
I'm surprised she isn't pregnant again.

Candice thinks it's essential Lissa learn everything she can,
so that she can grown up into a well rounded child.

Nah It's so she leaves her mom alone.

Creepy Babysitter: Hellllooooo there kids. ;D

Needless to say he was sent on his way.
Lissa: Buh-Bye cweeper!

Gage: I did good.
Yes, yes you did.

Candice pops just in time for Dimitri's birthday. So close to being baby free....

Gage: I can't wait to see what he looks like!
Candice: I can't wait until he stops crying...........


Gage: *Is speechless*

Dimitri: What is everyone looking at?


Oh the Joys of the Vampire shirt. <3

Only watch the first 22 seconds or so. I forgot to stop recording.
But look at how creepy it is when it walks!

Gage: Awww You're kinda cute when you don't look like an alien.

Dimitri: I sure do!
He has Gage's hair, and what looks like grey-brown eyes.
He is artistic and excitable.

Dimitri: You know you love me. ^.^

Lissa spends almost all day on the xylophone.
Candice is training her next little virtuoso.

She really gets lost in her music.
She maxed out the poor instrument already.

Don't you worry. Dimitri gets a lot of attention too. Almost all of their wants have to do with him.
Hold Dimitri, Tickle Dimitri, Teach Dimitri to walk, Dimitri becomes a genius.
You get the picture.

Candice: Y'know Red ribbon, Home births are really so much more spiritual.
They really increase the Mother child bond.
It's hard to put into words.

Lissa: Yay Riley came out of the closet! FINALLY!

Candice: Not this again. O.O

Candice: I haven't bought a dollhouse yet!

Candice: OH NO!! I broke it! D=

Christian: It hurts........

Candice and Clark talk quite a lot actually. =/
It's kinda weird....

Dimitri: Mmmmm new baby smell.
*Eyes roll back in head*
Just like his mother....

On a less creepy note, Fiona is looking back to normal!

And look what I found!!
A blue sapphire. =D How lucky is that.
And this is where we take our leave.
Next time: Children? Toddlers? No Babies?
God I hope so.

Here's a few notes about the Martins:
-I do have a naming theme this generation. All of the kid's names are from the same book.
Let's see if you can guess it! -I am roughly following a regular legacy's rules.
-The family trait will be Kleptomaniac -Babies are boring.


Aug. 29th, 2010 02:34 pm (UTC)
Cute family! But I have to say: holy CRAP that video was creepy! Hilarious, but creepy.

And what, Spinner and Emma got married? WTF?! Sorry, it's been years since I've watched Degrassi - I only caught the first couple of seasons, mostly because I grew up watching the old school reruns and prefer them to TNG, but wow! I'm surprised!

But anyway! Sorry for the long comment! I'm looking forward to your next update :)
Aug. 29th, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I know. I flipped when I saw him. I thought my game exploded.

Yeah! I was very surprised. I've been watching TNG since the first season, I've never seen the original. But yeah! They totally revamped this season and gave us some of the early tng year flair. I like this season a lot more than some recent seasons.

No no, I LOVE long comments! Thanks! I am so glad!


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