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The Martin Legacy 1.2


Welcome back! Last Time:
-Gage and Candice married on the beach. -They had three kids
(One girl and two boys)
-And the oldest two grew into toddlers

Creep-o: Woah it just like exploded and stuff! 8-)
He killed my computer. =(

Don't look at me like that. You ever have three kids this little and close together?
Things start to slip. =/

Lissa: That was fun!
You did that? How the what, why? =(

Dimitri is the only one that plays with the dollhouse.
I don't think Lissa even touched it her entire child hood.

Gage: When you get older you have to remember. Never touch Daddy's computer.

Gage: Now where does Daddy's computer stay? On his desk.
Say it. On Daddy's desk.

Lissa: Laptop?

Gage: NO. On the desk. ON THE DESK.
Lissa: Desk DESK.
Gage: Although a laptop would be cool.........

Awww Candice keeps making PB&J for Gage.
(It's his favorite) He never gets it, always spoils before he comes home. =(

Lissa: I'll teach you the proper situation of the blue block.
Dimitri: GREEN

Lissa: I'm tired.
Dimitri: Carcarcarcar
Candice: Hmmm I wonder what it would look like if I grew out my hair....

Candice: Did you hear something?
Dimitri: Vrooooom

Lissa: You will burn Woman.

Dimitri: There's things on my feet!

Lissa and Candice got over there differences in time for Lissa's birthday.
Candice: *Kisses her head* You'll never love me again. ='(

I guess she lost interest. =/

Lissa: Where'd she go? =(
What ever. =/

Lissa: Woah that felt weird!

Lissa: What are you looking at? So I'm different. What of it?

Gage: You get in there and change your clothes. >=(

You know we don't support...... Hello Kitty.

I let her keep her hair color. <3 How could I not?
Does that make you happy?
Lissa: Yeah...I'm so excited.......... -.-

Lissa: See? Happy.
Yeah, So she's a Good, Easily Impressed, Kleptomaniac.
She's so conflicted.

Things keep breaking. D=
Candice tries to fix them all before Gage comes home but there is just so much!

Candice had to become friends with Xander for an oppurtunity. He'll be here a lot.
He's so hard to get a long with.
Gage: I hope they aren't talking about what I think they are. -.-

Since Lissa grew up Dimitri took over the Xylophone duties.

Dimitri: She got the keys all sticky. >=(

Dimitri: When I grow up will I be big and strong like Daddy?
Candice: Oh honey, your Daddy's not strong.
I mean........ yeah. Of course you will.

I made Lissa a bedroom.
Candice: I don't think we can afford this...... I'm going to have to get a job!
You have a job.
Candice: Oh yeah, when does that start again?

Dimitri likes to cry for NO reason. All of his motives were already up! He had no negative moodlets.
He just likes to cry. Candice likes to strangle young children. Do the math.

Lissa: See I found the musical stylings of Barney quite inferior to those of Blues clues.

Xander: Well, I always found the music on Barney to be quite soothing actually.
Lissa: You are a moron.


Dimitri: Phew, he didn't see me.


First up, He's cute, he's cuddly, he's wrapped in bandages......... IT"S CHRISTIAN MARTIN!

Audience: Yeah yeah wooh!

Candice: This is great. Another one of my babies gets bigger. Terrific.

Candice: You really hate me don't you?

It was to much for her and she had to flee.
Christian: Mama? *Makes grabby movements*

Lissa: So she does love me!

Oh my.

Christian happens to be an insane genius.
Oh he'll solve all our problems, you just won't believe him.


He's a little cross-eyed..... =/

Lissa can't express her disgust. D=

Oh boy, not again. XD

Gage: You know I didn't hear your mom say this was a costume party.

Gage: The cake's gone. Why aren't you?

This was before I got kid hair.

And his everyday outfit.....

So he's an Excitable, Artistic, Klepto. Everyone's doing it!

Lissa: I think I'm gonna stick to the swings........

Dimitri: I get you.

Dimitri: Do they ever actually feed us?
Lissa: You'll get used to it.

The live off of cake and leftovers from before they could talk.
Thank god for quick meals and cupcakes. D=

Candice: You know I was gonna buy you this CD but then

Candice: I started to worry, what if I'm not making enough money? What if we can't afford three kids?
I couldn't even buy you a CD!

Gage: It's okay, We'll be fine. Don't worry about a thing, I'll take care of everything.
Candice: And my day is brightened.
I love Good Sims. =)


The differences in children. =)

Lissa: I like to swing. =D

Lissa: Mom loves me more. O.O

Candice: Dishwasher

Candice: We meet again.

Candice this music should be punished.

Candice: It makes me want to dance.
Lissa: You'll get over it.

Candice: I worry about you sometimes.

Dunadunadunadunadunaduna TAKING OUT THE TRASH!

Lissa: Ha. I so rock.

Lissa: Now for the potty!! =D

Lissa: Ew ew ew ew I don wanna touchit. D=

Candice: Good job hunny. She looks just like that girl on the tv!
Dimitri: I hate this place.

Lissa: Geez you are out of shape. We just started playing!
Dimitri: It's hard!
Lissa: You didn't even run yet!

Dimitri: Ha! Not so easy now huh?
Lissa: The tree scared me!

Dimitri: Did I just win? Oh I hope so!!

Lissa can smell a dance party a mile away.

Dimitri: Uh huh. Go sis!

Fwah! Neither of them have the never nude trait. But ever shower it's Dun Dun-na! Vampire shirt. D=

Christian: You're gonna die in seven days.

Lissa LOVES the swing. It's like kid crack.

Stalker: You will be mine.

Lissa: What did he just say?

Stalker: You heard me. -.-

Candice: What? What are you doing Melvin?

Candice: What did I do wrong?

Candice: Don't do this Melvin please!

Lissa had Claire Ursine's daughter over.

Lissa: Guests get the floor. -.-

Lissa: And smart girls finish first and get to dance. =)

Chick: RAW red dress NOM.
Christian: Dolly?
Lissa: I don't get you.

Nothing calms Lissa like the calm waters in her front yard.

Lissa: You should go get hit by a bus.

Ursine: Like a moose?

Lissa: Yeah. Sure What ever. I still don't think you understand.
Look me in my eyes. I don't like you.

She ran home to her Mom's new place. White trash paradise.
I kinda like the landscape, but the chair and fridge scare me away.

Christian: BOAT.

Candice: You know he is kinda dreamy.
Lissa: Yeah sure whatever.

Candice: I mean his nose is a little strange, but otherwise he is very nice looking.
Lissa: Are you done now?


Stare off. -.-

He was later fired. Hopefully for good. D=

Oh Cornelia you crazy old bat. <3
How I love you Goths. =)

Lissa went to a writing class.
Lissa: That sure was something........ =/

She was so inspired she had to do her homework right there!

Gunther can fly!

Lissa: He should buy her flowers.
She worries in her dreams. <3

Yay! First muffin is not a fail!

Lady: Hey! You look just like that movie star!
Gage: Movie star?


Lissa: Did you tell her your a scientist?
Lady: You have a kid? oh......

That's where we'll leave it tonight.
Next time: Birthdays of course!



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Sep. 21st, 2010 12:17 pm (UTC)
Lol I thought Lisa and Candice are funny :D
And have you tried uninstalling from 'Installed' in your sims 3 launcher? You can find the vamp shirt there and those glitchy boots aswell.
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