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The Martin Legacy 1.0

And a new Legacy has been born! Enjoy. =)


This here is Candice Martin, The founder of the Martin Legacy!
(Mysterious bodiless applause)
Ahem, may we have some stats please?

There we go! Okay so obviously Candice is a Brave, Insane, Klepto, Virtuosic, Hopeless Romantic.
With a lifelong dream of becoming the EMPEROR OF EVIL. DUN DUN DUN.
How fun. =)
Her favorites are Hamburgers, Indie, and Purple. =)

Looks like it's time for a house tour!
This is a view of the living room from the kitchen.

The rest of her awesomely bright and chaotic kitchen.

The other side of the living room. =)


Her stretched out Bathroom.

The outside of her little cottage.
In case you haven't noticed, (Actually in case you have)
The frame on the pictures keeps changing and this one is smaller than the others.
Blame Photobucket, it was being mean.
I'll have this fixed when someone can direct me to a cheap/free picture editing program
that I can set to resizing, bordering, and auto fixing all pictures so I don't have to do it manually!

She's very happy. =)


Overreaction much?

She then proceeded to applaud six more lamps, grumble about the t.v. and came to sit on the toilet.
Yeah that's right I said sit. No I don't have a no blur hack, she just came in and sat down.
She's awesome. =>

And more lamps. XD

=O That's not good. Gotta be torture on the wrist, and you know basic science.

Yay! She's playing the guitar. I <3 Virtuoso's.

Can we have another Yay for first day skill building?
And can you think of a cooler first skill?
I think not. =)

And of course the all-important cooking skill.
Can't have her burn the house down on her first try.
Imagine how encouraging that is.

We head out to the gym 'cause being a thief takes a lot of work.

We head into the park for some socializing but no one was there! Not one person!
It was only 10:00 p.m.!

So she made dinner. And didn't burn it!
Candice: Mmmm, I should have made burgers....

Yes she sleeps in her wedding dress.
So what?

After work the next day we head back to the park where Candice meets this fine specimen.
Hinthint: We are after his special men.

Candice: I am simply marvelous at the guitar. When I serenade you you will be but a puddle at my petite feet.
My my, such a liar.

Candice: I'm not lying. My feet are petite. =(

Isn't he cute? His name is Gage.
Candice: So, umm.... Where do you work?
Gage: Oh, I kinda....don't.

Great, unemployed. Just like we like 'em.

Candice: So what's your wife's name?
*Crosses fingers*
Gage: Oh, that. I'm single. No wife, no girlfriend.
*In head: YESYESYESYES!!!!*

Candice doesn't whisper sweet nothings. She propositions near strangers in parks.

He wants to wait and she loves him for that.
Candice: He's Perfect!

And enthusiastic. XD

Candice: Where'd he go? =(
Awww love, he just needed to eat. You'll see him again.
Y'know, after you stare at him for half an hour.

Hehe, I got bored and looked around the neighborhood for a while.
I once made the mistake of marrying this charmer into the family.
He made cute kids but had WAY to much baggage.
Not that Claire is such a peach either, started a fight at the wedding.

Candice: Uhhhhhh new visitor smell. *Eye twitch*
Wow Candice. Just Wow.

Candice: Door, get yourself. I'mma play guitar.

Answering your door in your wedding dress? Not Desperate at all.
Gage: *In head: Hey she's rich!*
Candice: *Also in head: I see that bubble there. -.-*

Candice: Isn't he dreamy?
Gage: *Struts*

Gage: We are like Ice cream on a hot summer's day. Like Cocoa on Christmas. Perfect and Meant to be.
Awww now isn't he corny?

She likes corny mushiness so they decide to go steady.

Candice: Commere You!

*Obligatory crappy first kiss shot*

Candice: *To self: I think I'm in love. =)*

Definitely In....

Candice: *Shrug* I move fast.

Yes, yes you do.

Awww the cuddles!!

=O Now it's Z pyramid of sexytiemz.

Oooooh You know what this means!
Candice: Bad shrimp?

And in the morning I'm making waffles!

Candice: I have something to ask you.... Would that be Okay?
Gage: Of course Darling.

Candice: Gage Briody, Will you marry me?

He said yes!!

Gage: Huh. Spinner married Emma.

Candice: Have we lost our spark already?
You just WooHoo'd for the third time today. I should think not.

Wedding time! Isn't it Beautiful?

Wedding Spam time!

It was a beautiful Wedding. Wrote their own vows, it was amazing. Truly Touching.
And with that I leave you. Tune back in next time for: Actually I have no clue. Haven't got that far yet.


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Aug. 29th, 2010 07:23 pm (UTC)
Insane sims are so awesome and Gage is gorgeous! Babies!
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